Review of the Year 2023: Top 50 Most Read

2023: the year that saw our new insights reports launch, beverage rebrands take over the world of branding, and David Hockney draw Harry Styles.


2023 has been a big year over here at It’s Nice That, full of change, growth – and inspiring creativity of course. We had our first ever Nicer Tuesdays in New York, launched a trend-focused new newsletter, The Index, switched up our mission, and kick-started a whole new section of our editorial output, Insights. Luckily, it seems you lot have been loving our new content as our first two insight reports have taken top spots on our run-down of the most read articles. The Lazy Report explored whether kicking it back might be the key to creativity, while the Type Report compiled 100 typography studios taking the industry by storm.

Staying true to form, you also devoured articles that investigated the world of branding, especially in the world of food and drink, with Hanna Karraby and James Paris’ refreshing cafe branding and Juri Okita’s inventive restaurant concept taking top spots. Though we’re not sure anyone expected 2023 to be the year that would usher in a whole host of beverage rebrands, with 7Up’s simple yet punchy overhaul and Minute Maid’s friendly, flat and retro new look quenching your thirst. Big cultural moments also hit our screens, with Porto Rocha’s indie-inspired Sundance rebrand, AIGA’s round up of 2022’s best book covers, and From Form’s photographic flip book for an Amsterdam-based museum.

Finally, as in most years, stories that whipped up debate throughout the industry made it onto the list including David Hockney’s portrait of Harry Styles (hilariously reimagined by the one and only Joe Lycett), and a monstrous cruise ship, complete with a waterpark and dubbed a “human lasagne”. Keep scrolling to find out which other big hitters made the list.

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