Nomad redesigns the Premier League logo to feel “more iconic”

The logo has been set free from the wordmark for greater emphasis and to position it alongside major names like “Nike and Apple”, says Nomad.

16 August 2023

For the past 18 months Premier League has been quietly working away on a brand update for the 2023/24 season in collaboration with the team at Nomad. The lion is a long-running feature for the League, with DesignStudio redrawing the mark but keeping the symbol for the 2016/17 season. Nomad has lent into this heritage once more; the new goal is to dial up the emphasis on the League’s most recognisable asset.

For the logo, Nomad combined the two previous versions that have been used to signal the brand up until this point. The new master asset is “positioned centre-stage and sized to feel heroic whenever it shows up”, says Nomad. While the studio says the lion was already a highly recognisable asset, the aim was to push its “iconic” nature further. A decoupled wordmark also allows the League’s name to be more easily slotted into assets to help streamline communications.

“From the outset the strategic ambition was to build a more coherent and potent Premier League,” Nomad tells It’s Nice That. “Radical simplification has been applied to every element of the brand, to create sharper cut-through and maximum impact.”

The six Premier League brand colours have also been merged into three tones through gradients, to “give just the right amount of stretch whilst being instantly recognisable to fans everywhere”.

Nomad has been working with the League for nine seasons; “every season we shape and evolve the brand so that it’s perpetually modern, exciting and relevant to fans and followers everywhere,” says the studio. “The Premier League is watched and loved by more than half of the planet,” says Nomad. “Walk into any bar in the world on a Saturday and it will be on. It’s a privilege to work with a brand that is so loved.”

GalleryNomad: Premier League (Copyright © Nomad, 2023)

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Nomad: Premier League (Copyright © Nomad, 2023)

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