WeWork launches a subtle brand refresh with Franklyn

The new identity features intentionally minimal changes, so that old and new assets can live side by side.

8 June 2023

WeWork has launched a new visual identity by creative studio Franklyn. The brand has stated up front that this is an update rather than a complete overhaul. While rebrands consisting of small tweaks are becoming increasingly popular, WeWork has reasons for keeping changes minimal; to hold onto the “soul” of the brand and to ensure that the new designs can “coexist” with its previous brand, says a release.

This approach can be seen first in the new logo. Characterful aspects of WeWork’s previous mark – like its prominent serifs – have been shortened, bringing more impact to the form. The custom logo and corresponding typeface will be rolled out gradually meaning you might spot elements of the previous brand expression side by side with Franklyn’s work over the coming months.


Franklyn: WeWork (Copyright © WeWork, 2023)

Franklyn has also developed a new set of secondary colours to go alongside WeWork’s “trademark black and white logo”, the release says. These have been designed to represent the many faces of WeWork’s personality, which Franklyn co-founder Patrick Richardson says is a core part of the project’s concept.

“As WeWork members, we have firsthand experience of the magic you feel working in a WeWork space,” Patrick says. “Driven by both sides of the brain, they’ve thoughtfully designed an energising yet functional product that fosters the kind of community that makes you want to come to work. WeWork blurs the line between art and science, emotion and intellect; and it was this duality that inspired the company’s new visual identity.”

GalleryFranklyn: WeWork (Copyright © WeWork, 2023)

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Franklyn: WeWork (Copyright © WeWork, 2023)

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