Toblerone to use “streamlined” logo after it loses iconic Swiss mountain

As the brand partially moves production to Slovakia, it will no longer be able to use its logo – in use since 1970 – under “Swissness” legislation.

6 March 2023

Since 1908, Toblerone has made a business out of triangle or, what its site calls, “mountain-shaped” chocolates, known just as much for this design feature as its position as the airport confectionery of choice. You probably associate the brand best with the Matterhorn, the Alps mountain that has appeared on Toblerone’s packaging for over 50 years. Now, after recent updates to Toblerone’s production line, moving from its factory in Bern to Slovakia, the brand will no longer be able to use the Matterhorn, under legislation that outlines a particular set of criteria that denotes “Swissness”.

“Swissness” legislation says that only brands that adhere to a certain set of production markers can use the categorisation “Swiss Made” and use the Swiss cross for marketing purposes. It’s all in an effort to ensure the long-term “value” and marker of quality of the Swiss label, The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property explains. The legislation also extends to indirect national symbols, like the Matterhorn.

As Toblerone can no longer officially call itself “Swiss made”, its branding will soon follow suit. On the more technical side, its labels will no longer read “Of Switzerland”, and instead clarify that the brand was merely established in Switzerland. Branding symbols will also receive an overhaul. For example, Toblerone plans to “introduce a modernised and streamlined mountain logo that aligns with the geometric and triangular aesthetic”, the US parent company of Toblerone, Mondelēz, shared with Aargauer Zeitung newspaper.

The introduction of a minimal, less-specific mountain will be accompanied by other design tweaks. A Mondelēz spokesperson reported to Sky News that a “distinctive” new Toblerone typeface will “draw further inspiration from the Toblerone archives and the inclusion of our founder, Tobler’s, signature”.

Toblerone has traditionally incorporated not only national imagery, but regional and historic references into its branding. The Bernese bear, an icon of the Swiss capital, has appeared on packaging since the 1920s – though, you might not spot it straight off, as its silhouette appears subtly traced into the face of the Matterhorn. It is unclear whether Toblerone’s more geometric logo will maintain this clever addition, though Aargauer Zeitung reports that the Bernese bear will remain on packaging.

The update from Toblerone follows news that a number of historic brands face the threat of packaging redesigns in the UK. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, brands like Heinz, Gordon’s and Colman’s – all of which currently feature the Royal Seal on their products – will have to renew their Royal Warrants to continue use of their packaging in its current form.

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