DesignStudio’s Eurostar Group rebrand is rooted in 90s rail design history

Following a merger last May, Eurostar Group overhauls its design with a modern take on its 1994 wordmark and historic star symbol.

25 January 2023

The Eurostar Group – a singular entity integrating Eurostar and Thalys as of May 2022 – has launched its new brand from DesignStudio, including a refreshed logo, colour palette, photography and suite of illustrations. Designed to “respect the heritage of both brands, while modernising for the future”, the refresh returns to an earlier iteration of Eurostar, the very first in fact, in 1994. Switching out the metallic, calligraphic E Eurostar has used in recent years, DesignStudio reintroduces its original star or “Spark” with a new range of motion behaviours. In the wordmark, the star appears housed in an E – a touch that’s on the rise in branding this year.

The new Spark logo has the ability to function as a standalone graphic device, appearing across train livery, stations and digital platforms. In these instances, the star can rotate and lengthen to become a navigational device, pointing between city destinations. According to a DesignStudio press release, the spark is “the literal and metaphorical north star of the brand”.

A number of collaborators have contributed to the project. The bespoke workmark, based on the La Pontaise Champion by Or Type, was customised by DesignStudio in collaboration with type designers Leo field and Luke Prowse. The logotype is now lowercase once more after a period of capitalisation. The colour palette combines notes from Eurostar and Thalys’ identities. The primary colours are a brightened blue and navy supported by six secondary colours inspired by “the diversity and vibrancy of Europe”, according to the press release.

Additionally, seven illustrators, from each of Eurostar Group’s five countries, have contributed to a suite of illustrations depicting city scenes in a range of styles. Jean Leblanc, Avalon Nuovo, Jordan Robertson, Alice Des, Fagostudio, Vanessa Van Meerhaeghe and Matt Saunders are the illustrators on the project.

On the approach behind the work, Julien Queyrane, DesignStudio creative director, says: “A key part of the success of our partnership was to work closely with Eurostar and Thalys stakeholders to capture the essence of each brand’s near 30-year heritage, while evolving them into the future. This led to our brand idea and creative platform, Spark New, which symbolises how the new Eurostar Group brand is supercharged to spark new experiences, new ideas and new opportunities through high-speed train travel.”

Audiences received a first glimpse of the new Eurostar Group at a press conference in Brussels on 24 January 2023. The announcement comes hot on the heels of another major project from DesignStudio this month for Center Parcs Europe.

DesignStudio: Eurostar Group (Copyright © Eurostar Group, 2023)

GalleryDesignStudio: Eurostar Group (Copyright © Eurostar Group, 2023)

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DesignStudio: Eurostar Group (Copyright © Eurostar Group, 2023)

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