Molly Kent’s tapestries explore how the internet affects our perception of self

The Edinburgh-based artist's practise is a way of navigating their experience of a complex mental health condition while also tapping into wider societal themes.

3 May 2023

Featuring blazing fires, falling bodies and tornadoes, Molly Kent’s tapestries have a distinctly apocalyptic feel about them. But what makes these disquieting natural images so pertinent is the way the artist pairs them with visual digital references; a framing of a window tab, a cursor hovering over an ‘escape’ button. This is because Molly’s works examine “contemporary existence” and how “social media and internet living affects our perception of self”.

These topics of exploration stem from Molly’s personal experience with the mental health condition Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), and anxieties and fears that arose during the Covid-19 pandemic. The mysticism and surreal-like symbolism woven throughout their tapestries also offer a valuable insight into how dream psychology can tell a lot about the inner workings of a person. It’s really worth spending some time with Molly’s work, which displays astounding attention to detail like the clever use of mottle weaving techniques to create light and expertly crafted lettering. Both deeply personal and visually arresting, Molly’s tapestries present the powerfully multifaceted potential of weaving.


Molly Kent: Notebook Confessions (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2022)


Molly Kent: Notebook Confession (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2022)


Molly Kent: Cloudy With a Chance of Dread (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2021)


Molly Kent: I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Protect You (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2021)


Molly Kent: Trapped (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2022)


Molly Kent: Spiralling (Copyright © Molly Kent)


Molly Kent: Nightmares (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2022)


Molly Kent: The Labyrinth (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2022)


Molly Kent: Dream Collage (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2021)

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Molly Kent: The End is Here (Copyright © Molly Kent, 2021)

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