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Morag Myerscough talks us through her Somerset House Big Bang Data graphics

Morag Myerscough has created some typically bright, punchy graphics for Somerset House’s new Big Bang Data exhibition, which opened on 3 December. Her designs, which appear as part of printed materials like posters and throughout the show, are inspired by the physical elements behind digital information.

The typographic mark draws its colour palette from the cables used to store and move data. Morag explains: “There’s a lot more physical things to data than I think we’re aware of. The show explores the idea of us collected masses and masses of data. We think there’s a cloud and it all flies around in the air, but there’s physical databases where data is stored.”

Morag was appointed to the project around a year ago, and began by visiting the show’s first iteration in Madrid. The graphics aim to achieve a cheery, rather than overly technological aesthetic. “Although data is seen as dangerous, I wanted to show the excitement of it too,” says Morag. “We’re not going to get away from it, so we have to learn to live with it. That informed the graphic response, I wanted it to look positive and energetic.”


Morag Myerscough: Big Bang Data


Morag Myerscough: Big Bang Data


Morag Myerscough: Big Bang Data


Morag Myerscough: Big Bang Data