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Publication: Mossless issue three catalogues a decade of stunning American photography

Mossless is an independent photography publication started by Romke Hoogwaerts in 2009. His intention was to interview a photographer every other day and eventually compile a book once he’d amassed enough interviews.

In 2012 he printed the first edition, a beautiful photographic zine contained within a silkscreen box that featured the work of some phenomenally talented photographers, including Brea Souders and Bobby Doherty; the whole thing funded on Kickstarter.

They’ve produced another issue since, but now Romke and his girlfriend Grace have set the bar incredibly high for Mossless’ third edition, focussing on images found online taken in the USA over last decade. It brings together the work of over 100 photographers, from Emiliano Granado to Harry Griffin, Kate Peters to Corey Olsen and will be bound into a thick compendium of anthropological intrigue.

As ever though, independent publishing is an expensive pursuit, and Romke is on the hunt to fund this third issue with the help of people like us – smart, funny, creatively-minded folks. So watch the video, look at the pictures, take out your wallets and head over to Kickstarter to get this beautiful book made!


Mosless: Carl Gunhouse


Mosless: Corey Olsen


Mosless: Curran Hatleberg


Mosless: David Schalliol


Mosless: Graham Hamby


Mosless: John Battaglia


Mosless: Juan Madrid


Mosless: Kate Peters


Mosless: Suzanne Zak


Mosless: Thomas Gardiner