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MTV redesign sees channel showcase user and artist-generated work

MTV is launching a new “louder, shorter and hyper-visal” look and feel, incorporating user-generated content for the first time. The positioning has been reworded to “I am my MTV” from its former slogan “I want my MTV,” aiming to celebrate its audience and “bring new video art to audiences worldwide,” according to the brand. MTV says that the new design work was created in house, and it seems very much in the vein of the bright, brash and rather brilliant work of its senior vice president of visual storytelling and deputy editorial director (snappy!) Richard Turley.

The team worked with an agency called B-Reel Creative to form a solution where users can upload their own content through channels including Instagram and Vine, which can be seen on air within two hours of being submitted through Twitter using the #MTVbump hashtag. Selected artists working in video and music will also be showcased, with a lineup currently including Thomas de Rijk, Device, Johnny Woods and Eva Papamargariti. “This builds on MTV’s legacy of introducing its audience to video art, including early work from Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Spike Jonze, Kenny Scharf and Doug Aitken, as well as Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes,” says the brand.


MTV Branding collage


MTV Branding