OK GO: Here it Goes Again

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A rundown of our four favourite music videos without the music

At It’s Nice That we spend more time on the internet than we do with our friends, lovers or parents combined. So it’s only right that we start selecting the best fruit that the internet-tree has borne and handing it to you in manageable, well-written doses. At the moment the craze is music videos without the music, something that as yet is proving its staying power and is still hilarious.

Even though most of the videos are made by a guy called Mario Wienerroither who has an incredibly popular YouTube channel, can you imagine groups of teenagers in basements following his lead and making perfect sound effects and then laying them into GarageBand over a video to become overnight internet superstars? That’s how I like to imagine they’re made. Although, hands up everyone who genuinely thought the Miley one was real first time around? Thought so.

David Bowie and Mick Jagger: Dancing in the Street

This video is pretty much the reason we’re doing this feature. Adam Buxton tweeted this gem last week and it’s been played over a million times since! Now if I know maths like I think I do, then chances are you’ve probably seen it, but if not then there’s still time to watch Mick and David prance around a spooky warehouse and burp in each others’ faces. Seriously, this video is weird enough with sound, but without it’s a whole different ball-game. Best bit? Bowie falling through the sky doing a ninja-like scream.

OK GO: Here it Goes Again

This is a great one! And timely too as music video emperors OK GO have just released their latest heart-stoppingly labour-intensive music video. Here it Goes Again will remain one of their most career-defining and impressive as the sheer sight of seeing four grown men perform an intricate choreographed dance on treadmills will not cease to disappoint even the harshest of critics. Without sound? It’s even better. The guys are making groans like tennis players and the boring whirring of the treadmills themselves kind of dampens the excitement somewhat. This is what music videos without music are made for, taking something exciting and nuanced and making it really practical and dull.

Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop

There she is! Where Miley Cyrus can’t stop writhing around naked in a pool, we can’t stop watching this hilarious game changer of a near-silent music video. Unlike the others which are just plain comical, this one is actually just really disgusting. Made back in September 2013 by the lads over at College Humour, this was the face that launched a thousand ships. Or the really uncomfortable video that inspired about 29,538 likes. Either way, this was one of the first, and in my opinion it remains the most toe-curlingly awkward best.

Jamiroquai: Virtual Insanity

The best bit about this video is how it reminds you how great the actual video is! Remember when they did that behind-the-scenes film about the guys who dragged those walls around while JK moonwalked around on some heavily-polished lino? Well anyway, knowing how long this video took to make and the sheer man power it took before CGI and all that came along makes it even funnier edited without music. Like writing on park benches or drawing moustaches on celebrities in magazines, there’s nothing quite like defacing something of beauty. Long may this fad continue, it’s nowhere near unfunny yet.