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Nicer Tuesdays: A look back at an evening of Erotica at our latest event

The latest Nicer Tuesdays talk evening took place in east London last night and we were treated to an eclectic line-up of speakers giving us various insights into different parts of the erotica landscape.

First up was Alex Tieghi-Walker, founder and editor of The Anonymous Sex Journal. He told us how, inspired by smutty pub conversations, he was driven to pursue the question “What is the most interesting thing you have ever done with your genitals?” in print form. He explained how he uses an open-access Gmail account to collate the anonymous tales of amorous shenanigans and then presents them in a straightforward, honest way (unlike the cleaned-up triumphalism of mainstream sexual discourse).

Alex was followed by Bronia Stewart, a photographer who recently went behind-the-scenes at adult TV channel Babestation. She explained how she lived “a double life” leaving her full-time job every day to head down and hang out with the channel’s staff through the night. Getting to know the girls who work there she found out they had a whole range of motives for doing what they do and many became friends – she still sometimes goes to spend time there she admitted!

After the break and a screening of Joseph Mann’s excellently saucy beach animation Sandy (above), Flo Nicoll one of the editors at Mills & Boon shared some tips for good erotic writing. Looking at the knock-on effect of The Fifty Shades phenomenon, she explained the importance of knowing your characters, contextualising your sex scenes and not being embarrassed – readers can sense that very quickly apparently.

Rounding off the evening, artist Jasper Goodall gave a searingly honest account of his recent rethinking of his work, brought about by his retraining as a psychotherapist. He believes much of his work was a reaction to the upbringing he had with his feminist activist mother, and explained that after her death, much of his imagery was paradoxically both a rebellion against this and a celebration of strong, nurturing feminity.

Thanks to all our speakers and everyone who came along – Nicer Tuesdays will be back in August.


Alex Tieghi-Walker introduces The Anonymous Sex Journal


Photographer Bronia Stewart on going behind-the-scenes at Babestation


Flo Nicoll of Mills & Boon explains The Fifty Shades effect


Jasper Goodall introduces his talk


Jasper shows off some of his erotic imagery


The crowd enjoying beer and popcorn at Nicer Tuesdays