Lilian Martinez’s colourful works are for everyone and anyone that can connect to it

The California-based visual artist “want[s] anyone who identifies as a BIPOC woman to see their beauty and strength mirrored back at them” through her work.

18 August 2020


Based in the Yuko Valley, California, visual artist Lilian Martinez decisively describes herself as such because it broadly encompasses her image-based practice. In her Nicer Tuesdays talk, she talked us through her exploratory work concerning “representation, comfort, beauty, humour and the art of living.” Having started out her creative journey in photography, Lilian tells us how her work gradually evolved into the colourful illustrative practice it is today, delving into her personal family histories and culture.

In this thoughtful talk, Lilian discussed the creative revelations she’s experienced as an artist. From the limitations of a medium to the realisation that she could “create images and have total control”. Even though she thinks of herself as a late bloomer when it comes to making work, Lilian’s Nicer Tuesdays talk is testament to how it’s never too late to find joy and creative release in something you’re interested in.

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