Fa & Fon discuss creative kinship and what it’s really like working with your twin

In their talk at March’s Nicer Tuesdays, the creative duo journeyed through their expansive portfolio, while covering how they switched things up from stills to motion.

12 April 2022


Kicking off the evening at March’s Nicer Tuesdays were London-based twins Fa & Fon, whose multifaceted work spans creative direction, 3D, animation, graphic design… “the list goes on.” They ran us through their backgrounds and journey so far, all the while tossing in a few jokes here and here, from failing CSM, looking the part and partying way too much. “We were dressed in all black, super CSM, but our work was the exact opposite which helped with the old depression,” they jested. They explained how their work first navigated the realms of pop art, anime and manga – like a Fast and Furious-inspired campaign filled with motorbikes – before switching things up into moving imagery and motion. They shared how sometimes their work can be a bit more toned down, too, especially when they’re commissioned to snap some photography, usually in the context of fashion: “We love duplicating people.”

There were some utterly twin-like moments between the pair during they talk, from a disagreement about a date to the subtle eye gestures and giggles. Not to mention the endless energy and humour, the latter being their way of dealing with stress and on-stage nerves. Their partnership is real and this protrudes effortlessly (and consistently) throughout the work they create, cemented by their signing with production company Riff Raff Films. From balancing on ladders with a timer to “taking a chance” with briefs, we saw how their work spans all sorts and – most importantly – it will always be fun. Of late, their most projects have centred largely around music videos and film, “real-life shooting” that’s moved into more long-form storytelling. An example of which was shown on the big screen, a colourful ident for BBC featuring Maya Jama, who’s “so fit in real life”… “that woman”. Essentially, there’s nothing the duo won’t try, “because there’s money in it”.

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