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Nicer Tuesdays: A recap on last night’s fantastic, London-themed event

What a lovely evening we had last night! In the cavernous depths of Shoreditch Studios, with the rush of the train rumbling overhead, 100+ people cosied up to watch five fantastic talks from creatives who were all heavily inspired by London in some shape or form.

First up we had artist, curator and writer Cedar Lewisohn whose curatorial endeavours include that of covering the Tate Modern in street art and being responsible for the hugely successful Rude Britannia: Comic Art at the Tate Britain. Cedar enlightened us on the ins and outs of curating enormous exhibitions and how the city has uniquely influenced each one.

Matt Baxter of creative agency Baxter + Bailey was up next to talk to us about Sequential City, an exhibition he put on which looked into how London is featured in graphic novels by people who are not necessarily originally from the city. He also described the differences between Burnley and London, which was pretty hilarious.

Next up was Hannah Davey from Greenpeace and designer Christopher Kelly who together were responsible for the absolutely bloody enormous polar bear that stalked the streets of the capital last week. This mammoth project to raise awareness for saving the Arctic relied upon a lot of helping hands and skilled craftsmen, and as you can see from the huge amounts of press, it was quite the spectacle.


Nicer Tuesdays: London as Inspiration. Cedar Lewisohn.


Nicer Tuesdays: London as Inspiration. Here’s Cedar Lewisohn.

After a quick break of popcorn, beers and some delish smoothies courtesy of Innocent, we welcomed Suz Mountfort, the Founder and Co-Director of Gingerline, a top-secret dining experience set in unassuming venues along the much-loved East London Line. Suz told us about washing up til 2am, and realising that when the event you run part-time is selling out every month, it’s time to commit to the long haul.

Last but not least in the evening was Kevin Carmody, one half of world famous maverick architects CarmodyGroarke. As well as giving a truly inspirational talk about a few of their past projects including turning a room into a cloud for Anthony Gormley, Kevin told us all about legendary Filling Station in King’s Cross, which is perhaps their most famous project to date. Brilliant!

Thanks again to everyone who came along and to all of our fantastic speakers. See you next month!


Matt Baxter of Baxter + Bailey


Kevin Carmody of CarmodyGroarke


Suz Mountfort shares secrets of the Gingerline


Hannah Davey from GreenPeace and designer Christopher Kelly present _Aurora


Nicer Tuesdays: London as Inspiration


Nicer Tuesdays: London as Inspiration