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Nicolas Jaar releases Network, a book inspired by radio

Chilean-American producer and recording artist Nicolas Jaar has released Network an artist’s book co-published with Printed Matter and his label, Other People. The book collates a multi-phase project of Nicolas’, “which takes the form of an online, semi-fictitious network of interlocking radio stations around chance operations,” says Printed Matter.

The publication designed by Jena Ayung and Maziyar Pahlevan presents Network as a visual representation of the web-based radio network that precedes it. It includes visual essays by Lydia Lunch, Linda van Deursen and Nicolas Jaar alongside poster artwork by the designers and Nicolas, advertising 111 radio shows from 333 stations. The book also includes transcriptions from each radio show, manipulated into sprawling text across pages.

Network began after Nicolas was invited to take part in a six-month residency at the BBC, during which he wrote a radio play positioning an invented DJ in a residency in a fake BBC-style radio station. The program was “deemed too far out and never realised”. Instead, Nicolas teamed with programmer Cole Brown and devised Other People Network. The website hosts programs on a continuous loop, choosing alternate stations when you enter a number between 1-333.

In both the publication and website Network “gives theoretical consideration to the inherent political possibilities of radio broadcast”. Sticking to a numeral theme the first edition is a run of 1100 copies, for $33.00.


Nicolas Jaar and Printed Matter: Network


Nicolas Jaar and Printed Matter: Network


Nicolas Jaar and Printed Matter: Network


Nicolas Jaar and Printed Matter: Network


Nicolas Jaar and Cole Brown: Network