OKFocus: OKShadow, Neon (detail)

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OKFocus, the forward thinking, viral web-designers say “Make Your Own Internet”

What does the digital studio love-child of Ryder Internet Archeology Ripps and Jonathan Vingiano look like? OKFocus – a remarkably ingenious portfolio of web wonders and playfully professional design solutions for the most contemporary of internet thinkers.

Proving “interfacing” does not have to be as lame as it sounds, OKFocus have a particularly viral sense of humour with the “STUFF WE’VE MADE FOR YOU!” section of their site featuring the compulsive likes of ARTorNOT (on a scale of one to ten, viewers decide if something is art a la customer feedback questionnaire) or the useful, self-explanatory, Is the L Tain F*cked? (today? “Nope”).

They are also distractingly effective at applying this sort of thing for brands too, with the difference between their personal and commercial work being a satisfyingly fuzzy area. For example, if you haven’t played on Tug of Store for Svpply, the “real time game where coolness is decided through clique democracy” then your time on the web has been wasted. Other notable projects from “PEOPLE WE’VE MADE THNGS FOR!” include Google and MOCA (the Land Art map we featured here last week) and the New Museum.

Finally, there are so many brilliant devices coming out of their “lab” section, like cursors that are actually magnifying glasses or a depth of field that changes as your mouse moves, which look like fun but are not useless at all when you take into account their applicability to commerce, social opinion via interaction and generally to communicate an interesting and original idea as to how a viewer might experience content.


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OKFocus: OKShadow, Neon