Panic's new video takes viewers on a wild ride through the animation process with Berthold

Join the hilariously grumpy Berthold as Panic makes your head spin with a step-by-step guide to the world of animation production.

18 May 2023


Lo and behold, the animation studio Panic has unveiled its latest offering: Berthold! But who is Berthold, you might ask?

Panic first introduces Berthold in his natural habitat: seated, scratching himself under the table, in a flurry of psychedelic animation. He’s not quite charming, but hardly uninteresting. He is, for all intents and purposes, Panic’s guide to the world of animation.

That’s because Panic has decided to tap into a more practical need from their clients, letting Berthold answer all questions about the animation process rather than speak on it themselves. We know that technical talk can get bogged down by boring jargon and esoteric terminology, so why not let someone as easy-going and idiosyncratic as Berthold take the wheel? This animated boilerplate is not just any guide, though – it's a loud and colourful masterpiece that guides viewers through the steps of an animation project. Panic knows that the phrase “our process explained” might induce yawns in some people, but fear not, as Berthold races through an epic, dizzying and fantastical animated world in his trusty car to get to the bottom of what really happens when you commission an animation from Panic.


Panic Studio: Berthold (Copyright © Panic Studio, 2023)

When it comes to Berthold, it’s quickly established that he’s a hilariously grumpy old man created by the team at Panic as the embodiment of the studio's inner spirit. He’s everybody’s inner critic, the one checking penmanship everywhere between the screens. While he meets an array of wacky characters, Berthold is ultimately the star of this animation, a bonafide icon daringly taking viewers on a wild journey through his – and therefore Panic’s – world.

Like any tried and true protagonist worth their salt, Berthold is the one who lifts the veil between the viewer and his world. You see, with Berthold, Panic doesn't just break the fourth wall, they break the fifth, sixth and seventh. Realism? Not here! It’s a show-don't-tell experience, where viewers get to experience the animation process in real time. Even when Berthold supposedly ‘dies’, the film transcends to a Heavenly realm as a leeway into talking about the voiceover process. It’s nuts, but frankly genius. There’s a pair of talking lips, a talking moustache and much more – all before we’re taken right back to the now angel Berthold. “The video unfolds on the go as we follow Berthold being literally pushed through the scenario, which is an illustrated summary of our animation stages,” the studio explains. Ultimately, Panic situates the viewer as part of the process, immersing them in the creation of the animation. Talk about meta-commentary!

The visual flex from Panic doesn’t stop there, either. The colourful characters and scenery are animated with exaggerated motions, making it pop like an acid trip in your favourite cartoon programme. Ever wanted to see brainless space monkeys apply voiceover and audio sync to a clip of jazzed-out rockstars? Sure, why not. The folks at Panic tapped into their signature bold saturated and utopian colour scheme, breaking down Berthold's day into segments with careful colour blocking. The colour script also separates the cooler and sunny morning from the moodier evening and the “dark room” backstage. Even the holographic gradient punches up some story highlights, really bringing Berthold close to space operatics.

Panic have also used “98 per cent 2D illustrated Cel animation”, allowing for a broader spectrum of motions and emphasising character movements. That’s quite evident, as we can’t think of a moment where anybody in Berthold’s world stands still if only for a moment. “The rest consists of a significant one per cent of collages and another one per cent of 3D,” Panic adds. The cinematographic choices and detailed, tailored sound design played a significant role in creating the cadence of the storyline. The range of characters, from animals to non-binary alien police, adds to the outlandishness of this animation.

As crazy and disorientated as Berthold might be, the crux of the message lies within his actual journey: animation is a fun, joyful and inviting world. When you commission an animation from a studio such as Panic, it’s not just about giving a brief, consequently forgetting about it, and waiting until you hear back with the final project. Panic is a studio that really emphasises the exploratory nature of animation. There’s always something to be played with – a wink here, a nudge there. Visual infinity, such as in Berthold’s world, is what it’s all about. So challenge what you think is possible with animation, whether it's a grandpa in a UFO running away from the police or something even more outrageous.

GalleryPanic Studio: Berthold (Copyright © Panic Studio, 2023)

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If you’re looking for calming advice, look for PANIC – animation studio, which combines head-turning storytelling, exceptional craft and outstanding client service. Their attention to detail, style, and execution has allowed them to successfully enter the front doors of Netflix, Uber, Google, Jetblue, and many others!

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Panic Studio: Berthold (Copyright © Panic Studio, 2023)

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