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A sneak peek at Parra’s upcoming exhibit, No Work Today

No Work Today the first solo exhibition by Dutch artist and designer Piet Parra is set to open at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York from 17 November – 17 December 2016.

The striking work of the artist’s delectably shaped, colourful pieces will be a joy to witness due to his “magnetism and style that is unparalleled” says the gallery. The exhibit will showcase 12 new works by Parra and will include canvas paintings, ink drawings and sculpture.

With a wealth of inspirations from popular culture and the artist’s love of music, Parra’s work is informed by artistic influences evocative of Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wassermann’s pop art graphics. “I collect images in my head from what I see around me in the time I’m not painting,” the artist explains, “and then scribble them down with pencil… the theme plays a big part but I focus mainly on the composition, and that it will be a painting that is interesting to look at.”

The collection of works included within No Work Today displays a shift of stylistic focus for the artist famed for characters with bird-like features. All of Parra’s pieces created over the past year, “completely eliminates the figures’ faces, focusing further on the voluptuous formal language of the female nude”. As the artist and designer travels towards abstraction in his work it is invigorating to see Parra explore the area between design and fine art in a trademark lick of pastel pink, royal blue, and deep red.


Parra: Almost With You


Parra: Hall of Mirrors


Parra: Hotel Lost


Parra: Olympic