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A sneak peak into Patrick Kyle’s new comic, Night Door

It is obvious by the amount of times we write about Patrick Kyle that we have a major crush on his illustration style. Over the past few years Patrick’s aesthetic has shifted slightly, reducing his full colour digital works to more pared-back illustrations. Yet, the illustrator’s fluid line work means you always recognise a drawing by him.

This is definitely the case for Night Door a new comic by Patrick released via illustration masters of publishing Kus!. A 24-page comic, from which he has kindly shared a sneak peak with us; “the artwork for Night Door came together rather quickly — but I wanted it to be a comic that the audience can spend time with,” he tells It’s Nice That. The simplistic illustrations, full of layers that depict an intriguing narrative from page to page, creates a comic to dive into.

“More often than not my comics are cryptic and dream-like,” continues Patrick. “I’ve intensified that in Night Door by subtracting any written narrative or dialogue. I want the audience to become more active in the reading experience by forcing them to decipher the information on each page.” The result is a publication that is open to interpretation, encouraging you to interpret the fate of his warped smiling wormy figures.


Patrick Kyle: Night Door


Patrick Kyle: Night Door


Patrick Kyle: Night Door