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18 September 2015

They say the only certain things in life are death and taxes. We’d question that, and add queues, instant coffee that smells like ham (could just be our office though) and tea rounds, the most positive of the list of things that are omnipresent. Perhaps the most omnipresent but underappreciated thing, though is pattern: it’s everywhere – bricks in buildings, stripes on T-shirts, scales on fishes and anywhere else you care to look, if you’re looking closely enough.

The people who know most about the power of the pattern are the good people of research and consultancy “pattern pioneers” PATTERNITY. Now, they’re uniting pattern and tea, thanks to a collaboration with tea brand T2. It’s a dream collaboration, with both parties focussing on the things that are everywhere, but need careful, quiet contemplation to really appreciate. This union will see Patternity creating a bespoke pattern for T2 and a window installation for its store in London’s Redchurch Street.

“Working with T2 was an exciting opportunity to delve beneath the surface of pattern and create a meaningful design which represents positive habits and patterns of behaviour that shape everyday life,” says PATTERNITY. "Inspired by the daily ritual of drinking tea, our approach was to create a simple but thoughtful monochrome design and window installation which represents the pattern inspiration that in our busy day to day lives we so often we pass by. At the centre of the window installation, a large circle breaks the linear decal window design beneath. This break in the pattern represents the passing of time and the importance of taking time to stop, pause and reflect and see the inspiration that surrounds us daily. It’s these precious moments of clarity, as with taking a moment to mindfully drink a cup of tea that allow us important opportunities to pause, that define our everyday experience and interactions with everything around us.”

T2 adds: “At T2, we’re very much about pausing every now and then, taking time to reflect and finding beauty in the quiet moments. PATTERNITY has visualised this perfectly. Throughout London Design Festival we hope to encourage people to stop for a moment and enjoy the window displays at our stores on Redchurch Street and join us in an aromatic cup of tea to stimulate the senses.”

The pieces, going on show as part of London Design Festival, aim to explore use shape and symmetry to reflect “the rhythms and routines that shape our everyday lives,” according to the brand. PATTERNITY adds: “Like enjoying an aromatic cup of tea, taking time out to reflect on the beauty in the everyday patterns that surround us all gives us precious chances to stop and reflect, because if you blink, they’ll pass you by.”

If you dig pattern and a cuppa as much as us, PATTERNITY and T2 do, then you pop down to an evening devoted to chatting about all things design and brew-related at PATTERNITY’S Gallery on Redchurch Street next Monday evening (21 September). There’ll be a question and answer session with the PATTERNITY co-founders Anna and Grace and an after/tea party at the T2 store. Tickets are free but are very limited, so book yours below using the code PATTERNITRIBE.

Tickets are free but are very limited, so please email events@patternity.org to RSVP




Patternity: T2 patter


Patternity: Structure of Chocolate


Patternity: Sun Stripe Fairtrade Rug


Patternity: T2 pattern

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