Paul X Johnson Beyond The Sea

Work / Illustration

Dapper gents and sinister gals from the magnificent Paul X Johnson

As far as I can tell there are three seriously great things about Paul X Johnson. Number one, he lives by the sea (the ocean’s great people). Number two, his middle initial is X. Number three, he’s a Bladerunner fan and his portrait of famously-stunning android Rachael is about one of the finest pieces of fan-art I’ve laid eyes on. Add to that a portfolio of consistently stunning work (ok so technically that’s four things) and you’re on to a total winner of an illustrator.

Working in gouache and ink in a style deeply evocative of 1950s poster art, Paul has created a world full of questionable characters inhabiting an ambiguous age in which murderous heroines masquerade as men, war widows begin to peel away with their wallpaper and moustachioed gents recline on the beach to watch cruise ships sink with nothing but their best gal and their pet panther by their side. Awesome stuff.

Did I mention his middle initial is X…


Paul X Johnson Rachael


Paul X Johnson Time Flies


Paul X Johnson Maneater


Paul X Johnson Humans are Such Easy Prey


Paul X Johnson Mugshot


Paul X Johnson Scratching the Surface


Paul X Johnson Portrait of Sarah Battaglia