Peckham Print Studio: Annu Kilpeläinen

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Sweet new prints from Peckham Print Studio arrive in Shoreditch

What are you going to do with this empty bank holiday Monday? You’ve stuffed yourself with chocolate, gorged on the most roast meat you’ve laid eyes on since Christmas and sloshed back a magnum of cheap wine. Time for a wander I think. And if you’re in the London area why not wander to day one of Peckham Print Studio’s pop-up week at Boxpark in Shoreditch. The lads at PPS have commissoned a series of striking new prints from the likes of Supermundane, Saskia Pomeroy and Dominic Owen that you’ll be able to lay your hands on as well as having a crack at some real-life screen printing and the opportunity to win some great inky treats. Time to dig out that squeegee…


Peckham Print Studio: Tom Murphy


Peckham Print Studio: Stephanie Ginger


Peckham Print Studio: Saskia Pomeroy


Peckham Print Studio: Supermundane


Peckham Print Studio: Dominic Owen


Peckham Print Studio: Charlie Cameron