Olle Forsslöf: Blue Forest

Work / Illustration

Some excellent risograph prints from Stokholm’s PEOW! studio

When I stumbled across Olle Forsslöf’s print Blue Forest I couldn’t let it go. Turns out this picture of a tiny figure dwarfed by giant trees covered in diamond bark is part of a short series that includes a breakdown of the (Final Fantasy?) traveller’s garb, a red portal and a yellow pyramid. I asked Stokholm-based Olle about it and his reply was so lovely it deserves quoting in full:

“There’s kind of a story behind, or a place. It’s the same character in every picture who’s on some sort of travel, maybe searching for something in a seemingly abandoned world. I wanted a mystery feeling where you can sense there’s a story behind it all but you have to figure it out for yourself.”

Along with Elliot Alfredius and Patrick Crotty, Olle makes up illustration studio PEOW, dedicated to Risograph printing comics, zines and one-off prints. They’ve got very different styles even within their individual work, but the quality the below prints share is that they’re all excellent.


Olle Forsslöf: Yellow Pyramid


Olle Forsslöf: Red Portal


Olle Forsslöf: Clothes


Elliot Alfredius: Untitled


Patrick Crotty: La Tomate Bec