Angela Strassheim: Evidence #11

Work / Photography

Photography: Angela Strassheim’s haunting photographs of homicide sites

Angela Strassheim’s past experience as a forensic photographer led her to this incredibly thought-provoking project. Evidence is a chilling series that documents the inside and outside of homes where familial homicides have taken place. The black and white images are perhaps the most haunting, and document the physical traces of murder that remain hidden on walls or on floors, despite cleaning, repainting and re-habitation. The bright, white flecks and splatters appear when “Blue Star” solution is used to activate the physical memory of blood through contacting the remaining DNA proteins.

The colour photographs are haunting in a more enigmatic and less specific way. The images of suburban houses represent the mystery of what happened inside them: Angela chose to title the images with the name of the murder weapon used, withholding gory details and leaving us to question what might have taken place.

Of the project, Angela writes: “Perhaps we have all processed a question in certain love relationships: Could we be a victim of violence or perform an act of violence against a loved one out of our immense capacity to feel jealousy, anger, rage, and desperation in a moment of extreme emotion? These photographs allow for the viewer to entertain the idea that this situation could involve anyone of us.”


Angela Strassheim: Evidence #1


Angela Strassheim: Evidence #2


Angela Strassheim: Evidence, Pitchfork


Angela Strassheim: Evidence #3


Angela Strassheim: Evidence #8


Angela Strassheim: Evidence, Scissors, Clock Radio Cord, Large Fan


Angela Strassheim: Evidence #12