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Read the whole first year of Printed Pages magazine online now!

Good news everyone, you can now get access to the Printed Pages archive online! It’s been ages since we sold out of the last few copies of our first four issues and if we’re honest, we’ve been getting nostalgic for all those lovely articles we published way back in 2013. There was that interview with Sagmeister & Walsh when they’d only just made Jessica a partner, our racy chat with Dian Hanson about her career in pornographic magazines, the time we found out who put a massive crack down the middle of Tate Modern and our sunny visit to Geoff McFetridge’s LA studio.

We wanted to revisit some of these articles from our early days, so we’ve slung all of the first four issues up on the site for your enjoyment. Of course it doesn’t quite compare to having the real magazine in your hands, but if you’re stuck on a cramped train with your phone or need something new to do on your iPad then Printed Pages is here to help.



Printed Pages Archive: Sagmeister & Walsh


Printed Pages Archive: Sagmeister & Walsh


Printed Pages Archive: How Kickstarter Changed the World


Printed Pages Archive: How Kickstarter Changed the World


Printed Pages Archive: New Norse


Printed Pages Archive: Spring 2013


Printed Pages Archive: Summer 2013


Printed Pages Archive: Autumn 2013


Printed Pages Archive: Winter 2013