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Put A Egg On It: a very tasty zine focusing on the communal joys of eating

Culinary magazine Put A Egg On It surely has one of the most ingenious publication names we’ve heard. It’s memorable, slightly silly, but also directly links to its delicious content. The magazine focuses on the gastronomical wonderment that is New York, and this issue explores the various neighbourhoods and their delicious communities.

The issue begins by exploring the “fabulous” community that Florent Morellet formed around his eponymous Meat Packing District restaurant. The rest of the issue takes the reader on a hungry journey throughout Bushwick, majestical Manhattan, while painter Duncan Hannah, filmmaker and photographer Aliya Naumoff and New York City Ballet principle dancer Adrian Danchig-Waring gather for "a few tongue-loosening cocktails and conversation over arroz caldoso”. The running feature of a recipe theme for each issue is, “duh duh DUH – SHAME. Yes, it’s what you think, but also, not. Don’t hide your face whilst you take a bite.”

Known as “the tastiest zine in the world” the design is “inspired by the DIY photocopied music fanzines of the late 80s and early 90s, and eschews the aspirational nature of conventional food magazines in favour of a more documentarian and culturally inclusive approach”. In this sense the editorial angle of Put A Egg On It is based on “food, cooking and the communal joys of eating with friends and family”. You’ll find fiction, poetry, musicians and artists digging into their favourite dishes.

Warning: don’t start reading Put A Egg On It without a fully stocked fridge.


Put A Egg On It


Put A Egg On It


Put A Egg On It


Put A Egg On It


Put A Egg On It