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Do or Die: Pylot magazine on the photography talent inside its latest issue

Since photography-focused magazine Pylot launched back in 2015, it has pushed forward analogue photography, encouraging photographers to minimise their editing programs, vowing to only publish film work with no re-touching.

In the two years that have followed, the publication has asserted itself as one of the most important magazines on the medium available, initially changing and then shaping the way audiences have looked at photography since. It’s most recent issue, created by editor-in-chief Max Barnett, creative director Patricia Villirillo and design director Daniel Clatworthy, showed the pair reaching an even more established peak, interviewing photography icon Bruce Gilden, and exploring some of the best new budding talent emerging from dark rooms across the globe.

Below, we catch up with the pair to find out a little more about its recent dual cover issue.


Pylot: Piero Bressan

Is there an overarching theme with the new issue of Pylot?

The theme for the current issue of Pylot is ‘Do or Die’, Our aim for the issue was to appreciate the highs and lows we have experienced as a part of the journey we are on. Each issue is becoming more of a reflection of our feelings at the time of making it, and so each time we are reaching out to others who maybe be feeling the same way as us.

Can you tell us a little more about the alternate covers for the latest issue by Mara Palena and Trish morrissey?

The two halves of the magazine are starting to develop and so we felt it was a fair representation of the content to feature two covers at a time, one fashion and one fine art or documentary. The funny story is that Mara actually introduced us to Trish’s work, as they met at a workshop last year. They both ended up on the cover by coincidence, one of the many exciting parts of this journey.

There is large feature in the latest issue on Bruce Gilden, what attracts you to his work?

Bruce’s work encapsulated what we felt about ‘Do or Die’. His images are a reflection of his own personal journey in life, which has not been the easiest. He is a huge inspiration to us as he was never afraid to be himself and follow his individual path.

Can you give us an insight to the feature with Bruce?

To have the chance to speak with him and interview him was a huge goal for us, to hear about his personal experiences and how unashamedly himself he is, it gave us such a boost making the issue. We were most interested in finding out more about his character and how that effects the work he makes.

Do you have any other particular favourites from this issue?

We are very interested in the socio-political context of Michal Chelbin’s series of young men in the Ukrainian military school. It explores the interest in returning to traditional values in Ukraine, and the encouragement young boys are given to become warriors.

Is there any new talent in this issue you’re particularly excited about?

Ryan Skelton and Piero Bressan are two great examples of new talent that we are very excited about from this issue.


Pylot: Trish Morrissey


Pylot: Annie Colligne


Pylot: Ryan Skelton


Pylot: Bea De Giacomo


Pylot: Mara Palena


Pylot: Michal Chelbin


Pylot: Michal Chelbin


Pylot: Bruce Gilden


Pylot: Bruce Gilden


Pylot: Bruce Gilden


Pylot: Bruce Gilden