Rami Niemi: Lonely Boys (detail)

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Playlist: Rami Niemi has made us a playlist to accompany his incredible new comic in the latest Printed Pages

Rami Niemi has been one of our favourite illustrators for a very long time. According to folklore the hilarious Finn lives in a cabin in the woods where he makes the kind of laugh-out-loud funny imagery that appeals universally to adults and children alike – although there’s often a good deal of smut thrown in too – creating ridiculous stories about folks with giant round heads.

When we asked him to knock up a 16 page comic especially for the new Printed Pages we had only one (massive) stipulation; that it had to include the seven basic narratives that make up classical fiction. Rami kindly obliged and created a magnum opus of rock’n’roll storytelling that includes, in no particular order, a lost The Wire box set, a spiritual healing group, a gang of violent misfits, a time-travelling taxi and some talking avocados. Needless to say, it rocks.

In honour of this masterwork, The Lonely Boys, Rami has put together a playlist to accompany his visuals, so you can sonically mirror the madness of his pictures as you compulsively turn the pages. He notes; “I’ve been obliged to use instrumental cover versions of most of the stuff instead of the real shit, in order to keep it unreal enough.” Enjoy!

You can pick up a copy of the new Printed Pages here.


Rami Niemi: Lonely Boys (detail)


Rami Niemi: Lonely Boys (detail)