Raymond Biesinger: Victoria (detail)

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Illustration: Communicative editorial work from prolific Raymond Biesinger

Raymond Biesinger is a truly international illustrator. Based in Montreal he’s managed to work across four continents on over 1,200 projects since the year 2000. Which is a lot. Stylistically Raymond creates clean, crisp vector work with flourishes of hand-rendered textures that communicate quickly and efficiently without ever seeming clinical. Though he’s entirely self-taught, Raymond is a master of editorial image-making and has created work for an astonishing range of clients, including Monocle, The New Yorker, Time, GQ, SPIN, Billboard, Nylon, Le Monde, The Guardian and (I could easily go on longer) The Fincancial Times. He’s also got a degree in European and North American political history, which means there’s serious brains behind all those pretty pictures. Mostly we just like the pretty pictures though, and they’re in no short supply.


Raymond Biesinger: Assemblage


Raymond Biesinger: Toyota


Raymond Biesinger: Tim Harford Illustrations


Raymond Biesinger: Time Capsule


Raymond Biesinger: Monocle Spot Illustrations


Raymond Biesinger: Calgary


Raymond Biesinger: Victoria