Rebecca Crompton, Secret Cat

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Rebecca Crompton’s drawings come with a side helping of happiness

When she’s not drawing obviously fictional characters whose appendages are ambiguously jointed and whose faces are sublimely happy (excellently so), a lot of Rebecca Crompton’s illustration looks like it’s some visual inventory of her immediate surroundings – good, honest observational drawing. Although granted, Rebecca must see the world in a different way to the rest of us.

It is satisfying to look through a portfolio that someone has clearly had a lot of fun putting together. The subject matter isn’t all that serious but then it’s also no mean thing to depict such easy humour. And that she does! With hasty painted lines, occasional glimpses of collage and page filling colour, plus, and it’s a big plus, she draws a lot of dogs (and we all know dogs are better than cats. Discuss.).


Rebecca Crompton, Sleepy Dogs


Rebecca Crompton, More window things


Rebecca Crompton, Thinking


Rebecca Crompton, Dream Garden


Rebecca Crompton, Messy Room


Rebecca Crompton, Piece


Rebecca Crompton, T-Shirt Room