Review of the Year 2011: April

22 December 2011
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Did you know that April is the month It’s Nice That celebrates its birthday (we’re five in 2012, thanks for asking.) We’re not big on wild parties though, we prefer quiet contemplation about where we’ve come from and where we want to be, with a bit of low-carb cake thrown in for good measure. Actually this year we also marked the occasion by moving into our shiny new studio and welcoming new events supremo Maya Davies, which on reflection seems outlandish. How do we top that?

Amazingly though in the “real world” our big news barely registered, with the media instead utterly obsessed with the Royal Wedding. Honestly we’re not sure if it was a momentous occasion because it really was, or because we kept being told it was, but we enjoyed the day off all the same. Oh and a special mention for whichever genius (if misguided) journalist first started referring to Kate and Pippa Middleton as K-Middy and P-Middy respectively. It was never going to stick but a few of you gave it a ruddy good go.

Even we weren’t immune to the madness and we were heartened to receive some wonderful creative responses to the big day. But April was also the month where we first came across dazzlingly good photographer Steven Brahms and when some big viral videos dominated the site, whether it was Lil Buck dancing to a cello, or this collection of stunts

My 2011 – Katie Scott

Katie Scott’s beautiful illustrations rocked our world in April and the then Brighton University student was one of our most popular student of the month entries. We caught up with her post graduation to find out how April was for her, what she’s been up to since and to see whether she knows the correct plural form of cactus (she nailed it)…

What was the best thing you saw in 2011?

I visited the Barbican Conservatory for the first time. It’s amazing, the cacti collection is incredible and it’s free.

Who would you give a Best Person of 2011 award to?

Im not sure about best person, but the best work I’ve seen in 2011 was from Eleanor Davis

What was the most memorable thing that happened to you?

Probably moving back to London after finishing my degree. Two weeks of solid house hunting was horrible, but I found the dream place in the end. Setting up a new desk was the highlight of the year.

Were you in any (metaphorical/not metaphorical) fights this year? Did you win?

I had an intense Ebay battle for a bike, if that counts. It was very emotional – my hands were too shaky to up my bid in the last four seconds, I lost. Since then I can report I’m very happy with my new bike and regret nothing.

What would you take from 2011 and give to 2012?

The jobs I’ve had have been really great, and the people I have worked with. I hope that 2012 will be the same.

What were you doing in April?

I don’t think I left my desk in April. It was the last leg of my degree and I was frantically working to get my last project in. It’s all just a blur of Photoshop and coffee.

(Top image from Katie Scott: Organs)

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