Review of the Year 2011: Music Videos

28 December 2011
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Since Madonna and Sting got together to earnestly tell us that they “wanted their MTV” we’ve all been fascinated by watching short films accompanied by our favourite songs. Sometimes they’re a great disappointment; you’re infatuated with a tune and then some muppet misunderstands the song completely, marring the music with their visual slop. MAN we hate it when that happens. But more often than not the audio and the visual come together in a way that’s just right and you’re left speechless with awe. Like so…

Ice Cream CANADA

Last year CANADA astounded us with their promo for El Guincho’s Bombay, arguably the most summery track of the summer. Their creation was as apt an accompaniment to a song as we’ve ever seen and had a washed-out blue-sky look to it that paired beautifully with the band’s exuberant sound. Plus it featured more lovely girls than you could shake a stick at (though quite why you’re shaking a stick at them is a separate issue). Come 2011 the CANADA boys had joined forces with avant-rock legends Battles. Cue yet another awesome video…

Golden Tree Ninian Doff

Perhaps the secret to success when directing a music video is to make the viewer feel as summery as possible. As long as the people in the video are tanned and enjoying themselves, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a miserable day outside. That would certainly explain the charm of Ninian Doff’s video for Martin Brooks’ Golden Tree which features a bunch of slender young things mucking about on their bikes. Note the lack of protective headgear – it’s a health and safety nightmare.

Big Bad Wolf Keith Schofield

Ignore what we’ve just said, if we’re supposed to be feeling summery then there’s no explaining the greatness of Keith Schofield’s Big Bad Wolf promo which is delightfully tasteless. We’re all for being shocked now and again but it’s safe to say we weren’t expecting the junk that the guys in this video had in their trunks. Three minutes of pumping bass that climaxes in a most unexpected (and VERY literal) way. Brilliant.

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