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2010 Review: Bryony Quinn

Here are some real fact answers to our 2010 review questions though I found it near impossible to remember April specifically. The accompanying image comes courtesy of my centenarian neighbour…

My image of the year “I lived next door to Mr Christmas through most of this year, he turned 100 and a couple days later this note was by the post (where his telegram from the Queen mixed with gas tax etc). When I think about how he’s got over three quarters of a century on me, this perfectly worded, beautifully written note (the ‘N’! – for Nelson) is a heavy-small thing that is so much bigger than me and my year. He’d probably give better answers too”.

Mark out of 10 for 2010?

9. I leaned on a number of significant landmarks till they fell over which was good and the easy-to-remember date will probably mean I’ll attribute 2010 most things that have happened/will happen in the months surrounding this year.

What broke? How did you fix it?

The pop-up mechanism in the toaster. If by fix you mean rescue, I called the fire brigade. I also had some whiskey chasers.

What was the best thing you saw this year?

See image, plus Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes deprecating at each other, The Wire (Season 3, Stringer Bell?!) and some talented friends being talented. But ‘let us forget these heavy matters for a moment and return to my dismal adolescence’.

(One best thing Simon showed me.)

What was your favourite day of the year?

The private view for our graduate exhibition was pretty great. Warm beer, patting favourite people and proud words about how good we all are (going to be) in a space we made for ourselves.

Most dangerous/scariest moment?

At my Dad’s recently he asked me to ‘just hold that end’ while he took a chain saw to some very short, very wide branches. And that 999 call was made on a phone shaped like a decoy duck so watching built-in things burn has been down graded really.

Best Google image search of 2010?

‘Joe Kittinger’ and ‘Spanish Prime Minister’s daughters’ and ‘Heinrich Berann whole ocean floor’.

Best man/woman of the year?

Louise Bourgeois, Dennis Hopper and JD Salinger.

Your finest moment?

Moving into a new flat after a dross couple of months searching for somewhere in North London that didn’t smell of murder and/or have thirty people waiting outside to view it at one time.

If you could only take one thing that you bought in 2010 into 2011, what would it be?

Some pickles my flatmates made because we’re having a chutney-off. I haven’t had a chance to make my contender yet so it’ll have to happen in the new year.

What would you like to say to 2010?

Yours has been the most satisfying date to write to date.