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Robbie Simon, the jack of all trades and the master of them too

Robbie Simon is one of those artists to be envious of. He’s got his fingers in every paint, print, illustration and design pie there is, with each result being exceptionally inviting. However no matter the medium, each of Robbie’s pieces speaks his voice, one that has a tone of Alexander Caulder, if he’d settled in California.

Robbie’s work is a mass of attentively curated colours, often placed on striking darker backgrounds that only this artist would be able to make seem natural. Robbie’s remarkable taste and understanding of combining elements is what leads his work, “I’m always attracted to simple and bright stuff. Sometimes I like when work is immaculate and sometimes it’s best when it’s a sloppy mess, whatever it takes for the work to best succeed in emotionally connecting to the viewer. I’d always rather be hit in the gut by a piece of art, than hit on the head”.

Robbie is predominantly recognised for his artwork for West Coast band the Allah Las. He’s contributed record sleeves, music videos, posters, the LOT, ever since their inception. As the band’s success grew, so did Robbie’s, who has since had solo exhibitions of his paintings, designed a bag for Stussy, and continued creating artwork for several musicians. The positives to a designer beginning their career in music is proven by Robbie, believing that “music lends me the most creative freedom and exciting opportunities”.

Robbie has recently made the decision to focus solely on his artwork and has additionally set up his own press, Feeling Physical, creating his own books, but will soon be releasing a book of Tim Presley’s drawings. As busy as this artist already is we hope he continues producing such a mountain of astounding and assorted work.


Robbie Simon: Mold


Robbie Simon: Mold


Robbie Simon: Kevin Morby Tour Poster


Robbie Simon: Mold


Robbie Simon: Mold


Robbie Simon: Allah Las Tour Poster


Robbie Simon: Django Django tour poster


Robbie Simon: Vetiver tour poster