Ruby Fresson: Stephen Fry on a boat in a lake in Arizona.

Work / Illustration

A barge-full of new work from Bath-based illustrator Ruby Fresson

Over two and a half years have passed since Ruby Fresson graduated from the Royal College of Art with her Masters in visual communication. Two and a half years of moving out of London, buying herself a barge in Bath, taking up teaching on the illustration BA at Plymouth and of course busting her nuts creating a plethora of new work – or “illustrating her socks off” as she’d most likely put it. I’ve always been envious of Ruby’s work (we did art foundation together so it’s a lasting envy) for its masterful approach to traditional techniques, colour processes and wonderful use of line, which goes from strength to strength as the years go by. She also has the work ethic of a single-minded shire horse, capable of subjecting herself to unfathomable hours of dedicated labour on a project that particularly excites her. And that’s why she’s so bloody good!


Ruby Fresson: Illustration to commiserate with those Somerset folk who found themselves underwater in the winter of 2014.


Ruby Fresson: Illustration to summarise the term ‘paperwork’.


Ruby Fresson: Illustrating my socks off!


Ruby Fresson: Cover Illustration for the May 2014 issue of Let’s Go!


Ruby Fresson: Cycling Cecil, who cycles around Somerset on his perpetual summer holiday.


Ruby Fresson: Illustration from a work in progress storybook about a boy who wakes up to find his house surrounded by the ocean.


Ruby Fresson: Pulteney Weir. Part of a series celebrating the sights of Bath, Somerset.


Ruby Fresson: The Royal Crescent. Part of a series celebrating the sights of Bath, Somerset.


Ruby Fresson: Shelly and Tarquin have gone up to the woods to practice French. But Tarquin spies something extraordinary through his father’s binoculars.