Robert Hunter: Volery Flighty

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Film: Robert Hunter’s stunning album art and promo films for Babe’s debut

We’ve always suspected that Robert Hunter was a talented chap – we were certainly aware that his illustration skills were pretty top notch. But what we hadn’t appreciated was what a diverse range of skills he’s got tucked up his sleeve.

For the debut release of British/French band Babe, Rob has undertaken the comprehensive task of designing their album artwork (obviously, he’s an illustrator) and (unexpected!) directing a series of four short film promos in collaboration with Thomas Ormonde to announce the album’s arrival. When he sent them through I was very much expecting them to be interesting viewing, but was unprepared for the impeccable comic timing and wonderfully coherent aesthetics, not to mention the superbly atmospheric use of sound. Don’t get me wrong, this is an incredibly strange set of films, but captivatingly so, encouraging a wonderful sense of discomfort in your gut. Who says you can’t be a master of many trades?

You can see more of Rob’s illustration work in the latest issue of Printed Pages.


Robert Hunter: Volery Flighty