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Builders Club introduces a new film about elusive artist Robert Rushkin

“What is reality?” Ponders artist Robert Rushkin at the start of a new film created by Builders Club that premiered at the Resonate Festival in Belgrade this weekend. The eight minute film follows the artist as he prepares a new work on the south coast of England. Rushkin, who has exhibited at the Hayward Gallery in London and at MoMA in New York muses upon his work and meaning throughout the short. Little is known about the artist, but Builders Club founders felt compelled to make the film last year after a chance encounter with Rushkin.

Like Zoe Leonard and Cheryl Dunye in 1996, Builders Club has unearthed an artist who questions what is possible with each project. “We met Robert a year ago. It was during a hike deep in the woods, where he did some research for his new installation," says Jonas Hegi and Julien Simshauser, directors at Builders Club. “After introducing each other, we were really surprised that so little is known about him. Gladly, he gave us access to his archives. It became obvious to us to make a film about him.”