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Rodion Kitaev illustrates the goings on of an office party in mammoth detail

We’ve all been to an office party, the kind where alcohol-fuelled chats with your colleagues are rife but you’re secretly keeping an eye on the door for the next round of canapés. Later, dancing and debate ensues or you head to a quieter area for a bit of gossip.

The task of visualising this type of event was Russian illustrator Rodion Kitaev’s recent project in a illustrated gift for the founder of V Confession agency, “Moscow’s top event unit who organise cultural events from big art fairs and gallery openings to contemporary dance festivals,” he tells It’s Nice That.

The drawing, which is mammoth in detail, is made from a technique that “combines and mixes watercolour, acrylic paint and Photoshop,” Rodion explains. As the illustrator is now based between Paris and Lisbon, the space is drawn largely from memory, with a few supplied photographs as guides. “I know some of the people in this image personally, so I tried to draw them from memory and make them recognisable.”

The office party illustration imagines a celebratory event at V Confession, bustling with “friends, colleagues and partners,” Rodion explains. “They’re talking, making new acquaintances, drinking champagne and giving presents. My favourite bits are the left corner with a little room where people go to be alone for a while, or to ask on the phone. It’s a quieter place with fewer people and I think rhythmically it is very pleasant, with the human figures and furniture working well together.”

In terms of action, the V Confession party is relatively tame with Rodion explaining, “It has few details because there didn’t have to be much action illustrated,” he says. “Another part I’m particularly happy with is the room with presents and flowers. I love bouquets and still lifes in general.” This section, positioned in the right hand bottom corner, is filled with layers. The illustrator’s care for detailing even gift packaging, the type of wood on the table and of course his favourite bouquets set the tone for a classy but jolly office party.