Ryan Gillett

Work / Illustration

Checking in with super-talented illustrator Ryan Gillett

It’s been a whole year since we featured the work of Ryan Gillett after he popped a lovely set of prints through our mailbox. Since then he’s been keeping himself very busy, producing more and more of his trademark, chalky illustration. An aficionado of traditional print processes, Ryan builds his images methodically with hand-drawn layers of colour, meticulously assembled to produce the final image. Not only that but he’s got an effortlessly charming drawing style paired with a real eye for complementary colours. It’s obviously proving a winning combination as Ryan’s building a tidy freelance career for himself only a year on from leaving university. Keep it coming Ryan, we’re itching to see more!


Ryan Gillett: Our Gneration


Ryan Gillett: Smith Journal


Ryan Gillett: Enjoy May


Ryan Gillett: Christmas Poster


Ryan Gillett: Control Poster


Ryan Gillett: An Alphabet for Youngsters