Sam D’Orazio: Sketchbook (detail)

Work / Illustration

Still life, abstracts and ultra-violence from the brilliant Sam D’Orazio

Illustrator Sam D’Orazio is to gouache what Robert Crumb is to pen and ink; a surreal, perverse creator of strange landscapes populated by grotesque versions of ourselves, all swollen-bodied and mentally unhinged. His characters represent some of the darkest and most confusing aspects of our day-to-day lives, haphazardly coming to terms with the situations they find themselves in; sometimes with unpredictably violent results.

But that’s not all Sam’s capable of producing, he’s also got a classical streak running through his work. He’s honed his compositional skill producing a multitude of traditional still lifes and advocates the use of abstraction within commercial illustration – a rare breed in today’s largely figurative landscape. We love Sam’s work, both for its surreal insightfulness and the way he sums up his practice: “Each thing I make is like some kind of shitty curry, and I’ve made it with all of these spices thrown in, and sometimes the cap falls off on one of the shakers.”


Sam D’Orazio: Personal Piece


Sam D’Orazio: Drawing on paper


Sam D’Orazio: Whatever


Sam D’Orazio: Personal Piece


Sam D’Orazio: Plansponsor Magazine


Sam D’Orazio: Quiet Water Spiller


Sam D’Orazio: Future self-portrait / Bonnie Prince Billy / Balding Adrian Brody


Sam D’Orazio: Plansponsor Magazine


Sam D’Orazio: Personal Piece


Sam D’Orazio: Sketchbook