Illustration: Sam Taylor rallies his mates to produce some good old-fashioned fan art

4 March 2014

Nobody makes fan art these days. Everyone’s too busy updating their Instagram, or Twittering, or doing stuff on Skype and that. Plus there’s so many bands to listen to now that music is basically free that it’s nearly impossible to choose what you actually like. Are you into rap or is it actually death metal that floats your boat? Gahd, it’s all so complicated!

Still, London-based illustrator Sam Taylor has done us a massive favour by finding a selection of illustrators who still care about the good old days of music – when you’d tattoo your favourite band’s name on your forehead and spend hours copying their debut album cover but replacing all their faces with your own – and getting them to produce some pretty sweet fan art. There’s a terrifying rendering of Belle and Sebastian by Sam himself, Paul Layzell’s super-cool drawing of A Tribe Called Quest and a trippy linocut of Selda Bagcan by the excellent Sophy Hollington. And Charlotte Mei has done a lovely picture of Drake riding what appears to be a Studio Ghibli character that made us spit coffee on ourselves.

Get off Twitter and make some more fan art kids!


Bene Rohlmann: Dirty Beaches


Ellie Andrews: Goldie


Hattie Stewart: Led Zeppelin


Jay Wright: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone


Paul Layzell: A Tribe Called Quest


Sam Taylor: Belle and Sebastian


Sophy Hollington: Selda Bagcan


Charlotte Mei: Drake

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