Santtu Mustonen: Granta (detail)

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Eye-catching motion graphics from the always excellent Santtu Mustonen

Whenever we hear whispers of updates from Santtu Mustonen we get very excited indeed. The Finnish New Yorker always produces visually arresting imagery that we’re powerless to resist, so it’s usually just a case of seeing which brands have bought into his delightful trademark style this time round. In this instance he’s got a brand new website to house exciting new projects for the likes of Granta, Wired and Architecture In Helsinki. He’s also producing an ever-increasing amount of motion graphics, which we have to say add an impressive depth to what is already eye-catching work.


Santtu Mustonen: Wired


Santtu Mustonen: Granta


Santtu Mustonen: Granta


Santtu Mustonen: Cloud