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New work by Sarah Tanat Jones focuses on feminine rituals

Illustrator Sarah Tanat Jones is certainly no one trick pony, with work spanning politics, chicken shops, lemurs and the opera, as shown last time we featured her work.

With a bunch of new images on her site we were particularly captivated by her partially clad women, which form part of a miniseries called Rituals. The works look at the day-to-day things that us chicks do, like dressing and making ourselves smell nice. Or at least some women; this writer is more a dry shampoo, jumper on inside out kind of a gal. Elsewhere, Sarah’s waded into the Trump conversations with a satirical take on the flabby-faced zillionaire’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.


Sarah Tanat Jones: Rituals


Sarah Tanat Jones: Trump


Sarah Tanat Jones: Chicken Shops