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A chat with the anonymous curator behind Scenic Simpsons

There is an Instagram account that every Simpsons fan should immediately follow. Or even if you’re just a fan of satisfyingly illustrated interiors and landscapes, this account is for you too. Scenic Simpsons is the work of an anonymous curator, whose knowledge of the Springfield area is second to none. The individual behind the account gave It’s Nice That an insight to his findings below.


Scenic Simpsons

How did Scenic Simpsons begin?

Scenic Simpsons began from just one scene that I really liked. I actually can’t remember the episode (which is really embarrassing), but it’s where Homer is sitting at a desk and his face is reflected through a glass of water. I just loved the way that the animators created this image and all the details within the scene. The plant in the corner, the strip lighting, the blind and calendar on the wall in the background. It just went from there really. I began to appreciate the scenes and sets ups on a whole other level. Now the ones I like the most are those without characters.

What scenic elements do you look for in an episode?

There’s a few different things I look for when I’m finding an image. Some are just landscape shots that are beautiful for their colours or compositions. But my favourite stills to find are the more abstract ones, close ups of tables or walls or showing details or elements in a room or even just a wall.


Scenic Simpsons


Scenic Simpsons

What’s your process in finding scenes to post?

The process is probably just how you imagine it. Watch an episode and see something cool and grab a screenshot. It’s really as simple as that. I can watch an episode a few times and notice different things about it each time. But all the posts come from series 1 – 10, which is generally known to real nerds as The Simpsons’ golden era. They changed the animation style up after that and it just doesn’t have the same quality or colouring.

Do you have a favourite so far?

There’s one I like more than any but it really only lives in a category of it’s own – there’s only a few times this technique is used. It’s from the episode Homer the Heritic , and it’s essentially what’s supposed to be a motion blur from the camera panning quickly across the scene. It looks like a stained glass window, it’s so brilliantly done.

If you could be one Simpsons character, who would it be?

I’d be Bart. I still read his guide to life on a weekly basis.


Scenic Simpsons


Scenic Simpsons


Scenic Simpsons


Scenic Simpsons


Scenic Simpsons