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17 January 2012

Words, eh? We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them…actually that’s not at all accurate. We can’t live without them only. Without them we’re be reduced to animalistic grunts and exaggerated gestures, but with them, with them we’re able to flirt, joke, teach, learn, advise, admonish, inspire, preach – anything at all really. So it’s only right and proper that Selfridges is giving itself over to celebrating the power of our little letter-y friends in all their glory, and as usual the iconic store is doing it in style.

You might already know that It’s Nice That were honoured to be chosen to take over four of the shop’s famous windows, and have installed not only a massive wooden rollercoaster which dispenses 30,000 unique 2012 fortunes but the word “words” spelled out by three of our top creative pals.

But that’s just the tip of the word-loving iceberg. The store’s Ultralounge has been turned into a mind-bogglingly wonderful library, with thousands of books from classic titles to hot new publications plus interactive Scrabble and super-cool old typewriters.

There’s also a word-tastic programme of events, with our talks series along with some magnificent stuff from the ever-excellent Idler Academy, including workshops, Latin and grammar classes and talks with mesmerising names like “Lectures on Love Letters”.

Finally of course there’s a chance to unleash your inner wordsmith with Selfridges carefully-selected products from notebooks to jewellery, games to books and magazines.

Words, words, words – we salute each and every one of you.

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Rob Alderson

Rob joined It’s Nice That as Online Editor in July 2011 before becoming Editor-in-Chief and working across all editorial projects including, Printed Pages, Here and Nicer Tuesdays. Rob left It’s Nice That in June 2015.

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