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Simon Hanselmann and Grant Gronewold get weird for the new Printed Pages

For the Autumn edition of Printed Pages we interviewed Australian comics artists Simon Hanselmann and Grant Gronewold about their incredible work, living together, and their fictitious escapades with Rupert Murdoch. We found out about how they met in a dirty Tazmanian club, toured Australia together with their bands and eventually started to get successful in the world of alternative comics. Then we asked them to film a little teaser for the piece, and this is what they came up with. It’s probably not for the feint-hearted…

You can read our interview with them in the latest issue of Printed Pages.


Grant Gronewold: Barefoot Thru Watchers Way


Grant Gronewold: Evidence of Giants


Simon Hanselmann: Megahex


Simon Hanselmann: Life Zone


Simon and Grant in Printed Pages Autumn 2014