Simon Vaeth: Vess Poster (detail)

Work / Illustration

Simon Vaeth’s portfolio is awash with witty and skilfully crafted illustration

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we’ve got a penchant for quirky illustrators from far-flung parts of Europe that specialise in making woodcuts depicting folk tales, screen prints of men tramping through forests and drawings of whimsical women with rosy cheeks – because we do. Sometimes a woodcut of a man sailing over a blackened sea can soothe your soul like nothing else. Honest.

So you’ll not be altogether surprised to discover that we’re totally smitten with the illustration of Danish creative Simon Vaeth. His work is the perfect balance of traditional print processes, occasional whimsy and full-on visual wit. The merest glimpse of his crudely drawn rooftop drinkers should be enough to entertain even the most stern-faced viewer. And with characters inspired by everything from mythological beasts to Velvet Underground lyrics, he’s fast becoming a firm favourite in our studio. Nice stuff Simon. We love it!


Simon Vaeth: From Magazine


Simon Vaeth: Tales from the Sea


Simon Vaeth: Øst, Myggen & Lilkeroth


Simon Vaeth: Alberte and Rosa Lux


Simon Vaeth: Ship of Fools


Simon Vaeth: Ship of Fools


Simon Vaeth: Ship of Fools


Simon Vaeth: Ship of Fools


Simon Vaeth: Vess Poster