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New toy range Slaps encourages people to talk about sex, fetishes and desires

“Let’s talk about sex!” Cried Salt ‘n’ Pepa. “Let’s not!” Cried much of the British population. A new product range looks to change all that though, by encouraging people to chat about their sexual fetishes and desires through the medium of little plastic toys. The range, entitled Slaps, was created by Glasgow-based Slaps Studio. Formed this year (yes, in 2016, but 18 days ago), the studio is run by Sicilian artist and designer Giulia Fiorista and Welsh designer Ed White. The range was conceived after a design research project undertaken at Glasgow School of Art, and were then created following speaking with people during “drunken conversations in bars,” and through online submissions via the Slaps Tumblr. “The toys can be used as decorative ornaments, a gift with a subtle hint to a loved one, or just something to hide in your closet,” says Slaps Studio. “The toys are limited in editions with no current plans for re-prints. It is an exciting project and the team are excited about the journeys the toys make and the reactions they evoke.”


Slaps Studio: Slaps


Slaps Studio: Slaps


Slaps Studio: Slaps