Flockr, Beijing, 2010


Flockr, Beijing, 2010


Shanghai Meicang Waterfront, Shanghai, 2011


Antwerp Province Hall, Antwerp, 2011


Sinfonia Varsovia, Warsaw, 2010


Sinfonia Varsovia, Warsaw, 2010

Work / Architecture

Solid Objects – Idenburg Liu (SO-IL)

Architects’ concerns don’t rest at form, there are formulas involved, and engineering and maths! As a result, some firms can seem too heavily involved in the hypothetical world of architectural academia, but Brooklyn’s SO-IL – who last week revealed plans for a winding pavilion at the inaugural New York Frieze Art Fair – combine heavy intellectual rigour with artistic flair to produce a broad array of good-looking projects, from temporary classrooms for the Whitney Museum to a series of art prints for the Guggenheim. Proof that architecture can be fun and clever all at the same time.