Sac Magique: Lesser Fruit


Ian Macarthur: Night Howler


Sami Viljanto: Master of Nuggets


Lotta Nieminen: Bird Lure


Janine Rewell: Early Birds


Ville Savimaa: Valentine

Work / Illustration

Sound Creatures

We’ve never been set upon by The Murp, harassed by an Orchestral Swine or ensnared by a Trumpet Trap – in fact up until about a week ago we were ignorant to the existence of all of these unpleasant sounding creatures. Composer David Kamp ventured into the wilds beyond his studio to record the noises coming from the undergrowth and then asked a host of illustrators to create fictional animals to accompany his collection of disembodied sounds. And thus the Master of Nuggets was born. You can see and hear the whole collection on the Sound Creatures website.